Targeted WordPress Maintenance and Support Services.

Concentrate on your business and let us take care of your website. 

WordPress Core & Plugin Updates

Keep up to date with the latest updates as soon as they become available.
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Premium Plugins

We have your premium security, caching, mail and SEO plugins sorted.

We have picked the best out there.
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Security Monitoring & Patching

Numerous options of firewalls, malware scanning and virtual patching. Multiple security layers for your protection.
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Malware Removal

If it gets hacked on our watch we fix it for free. No questions asked, no blame games.
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3 different options for analytical data plus more, to give you the most complete view of your site traffic.
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Backups, Backups, Backups!

Local, Cloud and secured off-site backup copies. Your data is secured.
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Uptime Monitoring

Continuous uptime monitoring as standard. If it goes bump in the night we are on to it so you can sleep easy.
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Support Time

Extra support time is included for those who want to push themselves and website that bit further.
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We like things to run fast so optimisation is a necessity and not an option.
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See where our WordPress maintenance and support services are focused.


WordPress is a great environment with so many options that can have varying success. Everything that is offered here we use ourselves after it has been reviewed and tested extensively.

We treat every website we host and manage like our own and become invested in its success.  


Open source software always needs updating especially WordPress. From feature releases to security updates change is always constant with a WordPress website that you need to be across and up to date.

We update ASAP and always have a roll back plan in place with virtual security patching just in case.


WordPress by itself is a very fast and secure environment. What lets it down are poorly made and excessive plugins!

Less is more should be the case with plugins so we have brief selection of carefully curated plugins that we use. Any additional plugins needed we review for performance, function and security.


The busiest page on your site will be your login page. Most analytics don't show the number of attacks per day you receive and it is why you need to take security seriously. It is not if but when you will get hacked.

No security system is perfect so you need many layers like an onion! It is why we have multiple firewalls, AV Scanning, 2 factor authentication, virtual patching, rapid updates and multiple backups to keep ahead of the attacks.


You can't manage what you can't measure! That's why we connect you to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Fathom Analytics and raw access logs. We also externally scan with additional tools to give you the most complete picture of what is happening on and off your site.

We condense this extensive insight down so you can make clear decisions with moving your business forward using some of your support time or engaging with us to deep dive through consultation.


Everyone likes a fast site; customers, search engines and especially us. Be it time to load a page for 100 customers, complete an order, or allow Google to crawl your site as fast as possible. Time is one element everyone is short of.

It's the reason why we optimise everything. Images, databases, caching. If there is a way to make your website faster, leave it to us.


We'd love to work with you.