How do we build a flexible and dependable hosting environment?

We do it without being locked into any one vendor or cloud provider. For you it means we will not stagnate or be subject to price rises and we can host your WordPress site anywhere you need to be.

Let’s get down to the thinking and choices we made.

Pencil or Space Pen?

Ground control to Major Tom your circuit dead something is wrong?

We have not lost the plot. The story is very simple. During the space race between the old USSR and US, NASA spent millions on a pen that worked in space while the Russians took a pencil. We like simple available solutions like pencils and so should you!

With decades of Infrastructure, Technical and Cloud Architecture under our belts, the Pencil strategy or commercial off the shelf, (COTS) and open source are our go to solutions.

Being dependable and robust is what we are about.

VPS or Not VPS?

With the advent of Container options like Docker why aren’t we using it? Well not yet because..

Processes on Docker are not as fast as native OS,

There are too many security vectors on docker compared with VPS environment and we consider security as critical,

Orchestration is complicated and most large cloud providers have their own locked in orchestration system. Also if your containers are stuck behind a limited load balancer, you might as well be on one of those super cheap unmanaged shared hosting environments with noisy neighbours.

Docker is great for Large monolithic customers with big budgets and high traffic but not SME’s like you. VPS has been around for a long time and most vulnerabilities are known plus most hosting outages are network based. VPS’s are rock solid.

Open Source.

Unlike most managed WordPress and shared hosting environments, we made our platform fully available at any price point. The only way that is achievable is by the use of open source software.

To make our environment fast and secure we use a LEMP stack of Ubuntu, NGINX, Percona for MySQL and PHP7. Redis object caching, 7G or Modsecurity WAF and ClamAV security products plus a lot more as standard. Not many if any managed WordPress hosting providers can say that.

Network, DNS and Cloud Providers.

This is the core compute and communication part that makes everything happen. To find a flexible happy medium that does not result in a locked in environment or bill shock.

Most cloud providers in Australia do not own there own Data Centres they co-locate with operators like Equinix, Fujitsu, NextDC and the likes. Even though we can deploy to Google, AWS, Digital Ocean, Vultr or anyone else there were several requirements we need met.

Strong presence in Australia and internationally. DDOS facilities as standard. A resilient reputation with an open and uncomplicated pricing policies that shows value for money.

From that we chose Linode and Constellix DNS for now.

Why no CDN?

If your customers are in Australia, New Zealand or Singapore the response times from Sydney is less than 100ms. You don’t need a CDN.

If you are trying to be another YouTube then you are using the wrong platform.

We can deploy a WordPress environment to any of Linode’s 11 global locations at the same price with Australian support or any other Cloud / VPS provider globally.

If you need a CDN facility, we can connect to any provider of your choice including multiple different providers and apply rule sets for usage.

DR – Replicated Failover.

Unlike an Active / Active or Active / Passive failover structure we have a Snapshot Failover system.

You need to have 2 accounts with us for the same site, (they can be on different cloud providers and locations) we can apply a snap shot replication schedule as little as 1 hour, day or even a week.

We set an automatic DNS Failover via our Global DNS then ring a ding ding you have a DR facility. You can have Sydney fail over to Singapore or any other combination.

A lot to take in? We know.

The most import part of the tech stack is the support. We proactively monitor, tweak and administer your WordPress environment and handle all of this without you needing to ask. Find out more.
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