What makes us Different?

At Boab Hosting our definition of real managed WordPress hosting differs greatly from what is on the market today. We believe it to be a full concierge and personal service. Let’s break it down.

No Technology Lock In

Even though we have chosen what we think is the best value technology stack to run a WordPress environment in Australia, we are always on the look out for the next best thing for our customers. We are your virtual Chief Technology Officer so we never stop reviewing and improving our WordPress environment.

24×7 Monitoring

We not only monitor if your site is up or not, we look deep into WordPress performance core. We monitor database and application performance and we proactively optimise your environment tailored to you. From applying database indexes to altering caching profiles.

We conduct regular reviews on security and HTTPS and access logs as a standard practise.

Automatic Updates, Backups, Repairs and Virtual Security Patching.

Most managed environments only update the core WordPress environment. Not us we do the lot.

Not only the WordPress core but the plugins and themes if the authors have made it available. We even visually confirm the top 10 pages to make sure they are pixel perfect. We also provide virtual security patching if there is a vulnerability found in the wild with your site.

We also have white screen of death resolution and self healing micro services. Lets face it some plugins are just crap.

Staging and Deployment

You could say we handle cradle to grave WordPress service. We don’t let you languish with Cpanels or DNS, we do the lot.

We happily migrate you in and out and schedule deployments so there is zero or little outage as possible. Consider us part of your team.

One Last Thing….

A lot to take in? We know.

The most import part is the support. We proactively monitor, tweak and administer your WordPress environment and handle all of this without you needing to ask. Find out more.
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