Managed WordPress Hosting Australia.

We make WordPress work for you.


Dedicated WordPress website servers and services. Nothing else.


All Monitoring, Patching, Backups, Security, Analytics and SEO managed for you.


Less stress, more time. Spend your time on your business and not managing your website.

Managed WordPress hosting designed for Australian Business.

Our goal is to provide an Australian Managed WordPress hosting company servicing the local market at a global scale, on local terms with no locked in contracts. We wanted to make hosting WordPress simple.

All you need to do is concentrate on Content and Sales, we will do the Technical stuff. Think of us as a extended part of your team.

If you are here to find a WordPress hosting solution to earn more time on your business, then you are in the right place.

That is all we do and nothing else.

Why Use Boab Hosting?

Easy to Use

No Cpanels, No DNS editing, No Updates and No Problems. We handle the lot including backups, 24x7 monitoring, updates and performance monitoring and tuning. The only screen you need to see is your WordPress panel.

No need to sweat about the technical stuff, we are here to help, consult and guide you through this. It is all done tailored to you. Freeing up time and resources to concentrate on what matters: your awesome business and serving your customers.

Ultra Secure

Before we get too technical and tell you every buzzword under the sun we have planned for everything possible but you can never be 100% sure.

So we have DDoS Mitigation at the DNS level and Data Centre. At the Server level; 7G or Mod-security WAF with OWASP rules set, Firewalls, 2 factor Authentication, Malware and AV scanning. We also have tons of customisation options like country blocking, paranoia settings, individual IP white/blacklisting, triplicate copies of backups in different locations, virtual patching and monitoring that put some banks to shame.

We take security seriously so you can relax a bit more.

Lightning Fast

Starting to trend? Worried about your site timing out? No problem. If you need more speed, we have you covered with a choice of Locations, Data Centres and Server sizes. We can even build a custom CDN for you.

All our servers are built to handle serious concurrent user load even on our entry level package. We are not beholden to any technology stack or vendor and are always on the look out for the next best option.  You will always be hosted on the latest stable technology available.

Being independent allows us to use solutions that work best for you and change at any time.

No Locked in Contracts

Being flexible in Today’s changing environment is more important than ever and is why we don’t believe in long term locked in contracts. We bill monthly so it is all you need.

With free migration both in and out you have the freedom to move in any direction.

Vetted Clients

There is no need to worry about your noisy neighbours, we make sure new customers are a correct fit for our services and have an ABN.

Consider it a secure concierge service. We like everyone to enjoy their stay without bothering anyone else.

What sets our Australian Managed WordPress hosting apart? How is this.


You won't find many groups with experience with WordPress since 2003 and hosting CMS websites on large international scale for the past 24 years.

We have seen a lot and know how to deal with it.


We provide a resource that feels part of your team. We don't do technical support without knowing your business and the impacts our actions can have.

We like to make sure we have constant communication. You can discuss your future plans as well as how your family is doing. We want to be part of your team.


Being independent is important to us. For you it means we are not swayed by any affiliate commission or supplier agreements. It also means we can provide you with the best solution possible for your website.

We will do the heavy technical lifting so you can have a tailored made managed solution that suits your business.

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